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Slovak Academy of Sciences Zvolen

KRIŠTÍN Anton, RNDr., DrSc.

Phone extension:149
Department:Department of Animal Ecology
Born:August, 2, 1956 in Bratislava (Slovakia)
Education:- Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) at Comenius University Bratislava, Department of Zoology (1982–1985)
- Fellowship of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bayreuth and Munich (Germany) in 1992
Professional career:- Department of Zoology, Comenius University Bratislava (1980–1982), assistent & PhD student
- Institute of Agrochemical Technology Bratislava (1982–1985), Head of Department of Entomology
- Institute of Forest Ecology of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Zvolen (1985–1991) as junior scientist, since 1992 as senior scientist, Head of Animal Ecology Department
- Department of Animal Ecology of University Bayreuth and Department of Applied Zoology of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (Germany, 1991–1992), research fellow
- Konrad Lorenz Instiutute of Ethology (Austria, 8 months, 1996–2007), research fellow
- Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China, 4 months, 2002–2007), research fellow
Research fields:Avian and insect ecology and behaviour.
Other fields: biodiversity & nature conservation. See pictures

Main coordinated projects and grants:
- foraging ecology and diet of birds, relationships between birds, invertebrates and plants (12 international projects with Austria, China, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, seven grants of Grant Agency of Slovak Acad. of Sciences, one grant of Slovak Research and Development Agency)
- behavioral ecology of endangered bird and insect species (international projects with KLIVV Austrian Academy of Sciences, and CSIC Spain)

Current projects...
Fragmentation and formation of new habitats after forest disturbances: ecological plasticity of species and their communities. VEGA project 2/0157/11 (2011-2014)

Adaptive and non-adaptive changes of phenotype traits evolving in isolated populations. APVV 0457-11(2011-2013)
Publications:- > 350 scientific and professional articles (of them 63 in 23 different CC journals)

22 of them, 2004 onwards, see also pdf...

Hoi H, Krištín A, Valera F, Hoi Ch. 2012: Traditional versus non-traditional nest-site choice: Alternative decision strategies for nest-site selection. Oecologia (Berlin) 169, 1: 117-124. DOI 10.1007/s00442-011-2193-8 (IF 2010 3.517)

Kaňuch P, Jarčuška B, Shlosserová D, Sliacka A, Paule L, Krištín A. 2012: Landscape configuration determines gene flow and phenotype in flightless forest edge ground dwelling bush- cricket Pholidoptera griseoaptera. Evol. Ecol. 8: DOI 10.1007/s10682-012-09571-5 (IF 2010 2.398)

Veľký M, Kaňuch P, Krištín A. 2011: Food composition of wintering great tits (Parus major): habitat and seasonal aspects. Folia zoologica 60: 228-236 . (IF 2010 0.538)

Kvist L, Giralt D, Valera F, Hoi H, Kristin A, Darchiashvili G, Lovaszi P. 2011: Population decline is accompanied by loss of genetic diversity in the Lesser Grey Shrike Lanius minor. Ibis 153: 98–109. (IF 2010 2.295)

Fabriciusová V, Kaňuch P, Krištín A. 2011: Response of Orthoptera assemblages to management of montane grasslands in the Western Carpathians. Biologia, Bratislava 66: 1127–1133. (IF 2010 0.609)

Veľký M, Kaňuch P, Krištín A, 2010: Selection of winter roosts in the Great Tit Parus major: influence of microclimate. J. Ornithol. 151: 147-153. (IF 2009 1.476)

Veľký M, Kaňuch P, Krištín A. 2010: Selection of roosting vegetation in the great tit, Parus major, during the winter period. Ethology, Ecology & Evolution 22: 305–310. (IF 2009 0.83)

Kaňuch P, Krištín A. 2009: Life strategies of Polysarcus denticauda (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) in extreme altitudes revealed by its somatic and population adaptations. Entomol. Fennica 20, 3: 207-214 (IF2008= 0.41)

Traba T, Morales MB, de la Morena ELG, Delgado MP, Krištín A. 2007: Selection of breeding territory by little bustard (Tetrax tetrax) males in Central Spain: the role of arthropod availability. Ecological Research 23: 615.622 (IF 2008 1.206)

Krištín A, Hoi H, Valera F, Hoi Ch. 2008: The importance of breeding density and breeding synchrony for paternity assurance strategies in the lesser grey shrike. Folia zoologica 57: 240–250. (IF 2008 0.376)

Zhang W, Lei F-M, Liang G, Yin Z-H, Zhao H-F, Wang H-J, Kristin A. 2007: Taxonomic status of eight Asian shrike species (Lanius sp): phylogenetic analysis based on Cyt b and CoI gene sequences. Acta ornithologica 42: 173-180. (IF 2006 0.809)

Giralt D, Brotons L, Valera F, Krištín A. 2008: The role of natural habitats in agricultural systems for bird conservation: the case of the threatened Lesser Grey Shrike. Biodiversity and Conservation 17: 1997-2012. DOI 10.1007/s10531-008-9349-9 (IF2006 1.423)

Krištín A, Valera F, Hoi C, Hoi H. 2007: Do melanin based tail patterns predict individual quality and sex in Lesser Grey Shrikes Lanius minor? Journal of Ornithology 148: 1-8. (IF2006 1.01)

Krištín A, Hoi H, Valera F, Hoi C. 2007: Philopatry and nest site fidelity in Lesser Grey shrike. Biodiversity and Conservation 16: 987-995. (IF2006 1.423)

Krištín A, Kaňuch P. 2007: On population, ecology and morphology of the bush-cricket Saga pedo at the northern limit of the area. European Journal of Entomology 104: 73-79. (IF2006 0.782)

Krištín A, Kaňuch P, Sárossy M. 2007: Did the northern range of distribution of two tropical Orthopterans changed? Polish Journal of Ecology 54: 297-304. (IF2006 0.306)

Kaňuch P, Danko Š, Ceľuch M, Krištín A, Pjenčák P, Matis Š, Šmídt J. 2008: Relating bat species presence to habitat features in natural forests of Slovakia (Central Europe). Mammalian Biology 73: 147-155. (IF2006 0.962)

Valera F, Hoi H, Krištín A. 2006: Parasite pressure and its effects on blood parameters in a stable and dense population of the endangered Lesser grey shrike. Biodiversity and Conservation 15: 2187-2195. (IF2005 1.401)

Wang AI, Lei F, Yin ZH, Krištín A, Kaňuch P. 2005: Song pattern of black redstart population in the Tibet Plateau: an intercontinental comparison. Folia zoologica 54: 301-315. (IF2004 0.539)

Kaňuch P, Krištín A, Krištofík J. 2005. Phenology, diet, and ectoparasites of Leisler’s bat (Nyctalus leisleri) in the Western Carpathians (Slovakia). Acta chiropterologica 7 (2): 249-258. (IF2004 0.766)

Kaňuch P, Janečková K, Krištín A. 2005: Winter diet of noctule bat Nyctalus noctula Folia zoologica 54: 53-60. (IF2004 0.539)

Pechacek P, Krištín A. 2004: Comparative diets of adult and young Threetoed Woodpeckers in a european alpine forest community. J. Wildl.Manag. 68: 683-693. (IF2004 1,484)

more papers...

- editor of 5 monographs (three of them received the Price of the Slovak literary fond 2002) and author of 59 chapters in monographs (11 of them abroad)
- editor of four proceedings
- 1318 citations (of them 265 SCI) of 278 papers (up to 22.3.2012)
- over 240 lectures at conferences, symposiums, workshops, congresses
- over 160 expertises, reviews and statements
- 6 realized patents for pheromone atractants and traps for insects
Editorial and teaching activities:- member of editorial boards of international professional journals as Folia Zoologica (Brno, since 1995), Biologia (Bratislava, since 1991), Sylvia (Prague, since 1991), Tichodroma (Bratislava, since 2005 editor in chief), Reussia (since 2003)
- supervisor of eleven doctoral dissertations in animal ecology (1 Prague, 1 Munich, 1 České Budějovice, 1 Bratislava, 7 Zvolen)
- consultant and guest Professor of 4 foreign PhD and Diplom Student (Wirtitsch - Austria 1999, Raess & Schmiedl – Germany 2001-2002, Strasser & Hahner – Germany 2005)
- external examiner for the degree of Ph.D., Docent and Professor at the following universities: Munich (1995), Prague (1999, 2000, 2002, 2004), České Budějovice (1999, 2001), Bratislava (since 1994), Zvolen (since 1992)
- member of Commision for the degrese Ph.D. at the following universities in topics: Prague - Zoology (since 1996), Bratislava – Zoology (since 1994), Zvolen – Ecology (since 1994)
Further scientific activities:For further scientific activities see

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